I det nya landet

Emil Jensen is back with the new album, ”I det nya landet”, where he taps the pulse of the world and himself. Emil has previously released four praised albums and toured with both albums and shows all over northern Europe. He is an unprecedented master at throwing himself between music and speech, humour and gravity, personal and global as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

The new album is recorded in the vast fields of Gotland together with Tobias Fröberg (Tomas Andersson Wij, Ane Brun, Lisa Ekdal) as producer but yet a very global thematic. At the same time; it is Emil’s most personal and political record yet. To further lure the specificity of Emil’s tone Tobias let Emil record just about every instrument by himself. Out bursts a clearer Emil Jensen-album and with that room for friends, Klara Söderberg (First Aid Kit), Johan T Karlsson (Familjen), Edda Magnason (Monica Z), Klubbkören and more..

Throughout the years there has been quite a difference between Emil Jensen on record and Emil Jensen on stage, but with”I det nya landet” both these worlds will merge together. What we’re left with is the dense, mystical storytelling from previous albums but with the humour and direct address that is the much spoken of Emil Jensen on stage.

”To make this album has from the beginning felt like recording a debut. Just before we started recording I was badly ill with neurological lyme disease and thought I’d never be able to play again. But amidst all this I was asked to direct a literally speechless new-circus act. I don’t know anything about acrobatics – the first day one of the acrobats got an electric shock and fell on another acrobat. A magical time! And amid all I completely recovered from my illness and so the recording was characterised by the feeling of being granted a second chance and new clarity. I strongly felt the urge to do something extra special.”

All throughout the new record there are two parallel stories being told. An image of Sweden and the World right now – about flight, asylum, paperless immigrants, greater social gaps – about human rights and human struggle. At the same time it is a personal, even private, story about great separation and longing, solitude and confusion. From time to time the two stories meet and in the final track it is woven together when Emil steps back and leaves it all to a great choir to finish the album – only human.

Emil Jensen is one of Sweden’s most versatile artists. Apart from his four albums he has released two audio books and debuted as an actor in Jan Troells Oscar-contribution ”Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick”. He can be heard in his own radio show ”Mellansnack” on Swedish National Radio. In 2007 Emil got everyone’s attention doing his summer tour on a bike – 3000 kilometres with his guitar on his back – as a personal manifestation regarding sustainable development.

In 2011 Emil Jensen was awarded with Gustaf Frödings lyrical award with the following motivation: ”Emil Jensen’s lyrics and musik is recognised by an apparent spontaneous expression, playful and accurate. But behind the curtain of humour there is an austerity and an honest commitment to the society. In his creation he takes the side of the weak and exposed in the fight against prejudice, hypocrisy and the abuse of power. Emil Jensen is a versatile artist who, through personal stories, reflects our time.”

Within this production, Emelie Bergbohm worked as consigliere.


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