Aajej is named after the North African whirlwind, so strong, as the story goes, that locals are forced to fight it off with a sword. Pahkinen herself will be on stage with her amazing and unique movement language. This time she also makes use of her musical background and takes place behind grand piano.
Three other dancers take part, of whom one is a leading dancer from Senegal. The award winning Kaolack is called ”danseur du vent” or ”Dancer of the wind” in his homeland. Also on stage is multi-instrumentalist Jonas Sjöblom on kettledrums, tablas and flutes.

"Without a doubt, the work of this group cast a spell over the audience since the spectators applauded insistently in rapt appreciation of another form of dance from the Nordic countries."
- La Jornada, Mexico

"An enlightened yogi? A goddess of creation? After all, In Indian cosmology it was the dance of Shiva that gave birth to the world. The introduction to “Aajej” is everything one might expect. It is impressively beautiful. It is Virpi Pahkinen."
- Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

"Kaolack is just as strong a soloist as Pahkinen but the choreography allows all the forms of expression to come tastefully together so that when Pahkinen herself sits down at the piano and brings Western cultural heritage into her magnificent dance show she succeeds in drawing that multicultural map of art that so many dream of – without being over-explicit, stereotypical or strained."
- Nummer.se, Sweden

Choreographer Virpi Pahkinen
Dancers Pape Ibrahima Kaolack Ndiaye, Virpi Pahkinen, Oskar Landström, Henrietta Wallberg
Music Jonas Sjöblom
Lighting design Miriam Helleday
Costumes Helene Thorsell
Musicians on stage Jonas Sjöblom, Virpi Pahkinen
Producer Birgitta Ström, Emelie Bergbohm

Photo José Figueroa


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