Gestrument – Interactive performance for children

Gestrument - An interactive performance where movements create music.

How is to play on a musical instrument that has neither strings or keys? What happens when the body's movements suddenly generate sound? And how does it feel to play on a full symphony orchestra, an electro-beat or an Indian sitar with a sweeping motion in the air?

Dance and music have always been closely connected. With the revolutionary technology Gestrument (gesture instrument) we take one step further. Under guidance of two professional dancers and one musician, the children are introduced to the technology Gestrument. Their movements in front of a motion sensor is converted into music in real time.

From classical to jazz, drum machine to flute, asian to pop. With Gestrument anyone is allowed to discover a brand new entrance to create music, without the need for music theory or knowledge how to play an instrument!

Gestrument is a music application developed by composer Jesper Nordin. The technology is initially developed for Nordin's own composing, using gestures to play within specified scales and rhythms.

Idea and concept Jesper Nordin
Choreographer Lotta Gahrton
Dancers Lotta Gahrton and Mikael Strid
Technician and musician Jonas Kjellberg
Producer Emelie Bergbohm
Photo José Figueroa
Gestrument, idea and concept Jesper Nordin
Gestrument, software design Jonatan Liljedahl
Motion sensor, software design Christophe Lebreton

With support from Music Development and Heritage Sweden and Kulturbryggan
In collaboration with GRAME – centre national de création musicale – Lyon



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