The transformative symbol of the dung-rolling beetle is the mind’s vehicle in Virpi Pahkinen’s new work. In Omega Point theory, which describes the universe as evolving towards ever higher material complexity and consciousness, the question arises: How can our bodies, with their old design, reflect this new era of complexity?

Scarabé seems to appear from nowhere, traveling through the electrified desert and navigating in a magnetic memory field. The layers of silence are rippled by the harsh waves of koto strings. The dark breath of the organ music opens up the space. Are we here to drown or to illuminate, or are we perhaps involved in some cryptic galactic game?

Let us put ourselves into an interesting position with God.

"Pahkinen channels the multicultural influences in her own unique way."
- Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

"Virpi Pahkinen is one of Sweden’s foremost, best-loved choreographers. Definitely the most significant, with a mind of her own."
- Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

"Scarabé confirms Virpi Pahkinen’s position as an original choreographer of significance. Her dance art reaches a long way out into the world. Scarabé is an experience that remains long after leaving Dansens hus. Powerful, calming, with an aesthetic of its own. Simply dance at its best."
- Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

"It is as if with her choreography Pahkinen is seeking to describe the elasticity of humanity. Spiritually and physically."
- Kulturnytt, Swedish Radio, Sweden

"A brilliant virtuoso performance on a cosmic scale!"
- L’Orient le Jour, Lebanon

"Majestic, magical and mysterious."
- Harstad Tidende, Norway

Choreographer Virpi Pahkinen

Dancers Virpi Pahkinen, Fredrik Quiñones

Music Abou Cobra Camara, Luis Cortés Maya, Chieko Mori, Gunnar Idenstam, Roger Ludvigsen

Costumes Helene Thorsell

Lighting design Axel Norén – Lumination of Sweden

Lighting technician Angela Ariza

Producer Emelie Bergbohm

Photo José Figueroa


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