Leadingfollowing: the spectator’s dance

An artistic investigation into leading through following and following through taking initiatives.

Arena Baubo works with the unforeseen impulses and rhythms that the practice of leading and following together, at the same time, can provoke. They question and rethink power relations using the method of leading through following and following through taking initiatives. A constant negotiation between positions and roles weave into and affect the structure of the performance. The performance draws attentions to the feedback loop of the audience which makes up the dance between the art work and its spectators. Katja Seitajoki and Kajsa Wadhia are exploring how they can simultaneously lead and follow the process artistically and organisationally while raising the question if the method could be applied politically on a larger scale.

Arena Baubo was founded in 2006 as a polyphonous arena for performing arts. The group has worked with multi-disciplinary and nonhierarchical structures and in many different formats, such as, performances, conversations and seminars in order to create new impulses, ideas and meetings. Arena Baubo’s artistic directors are Kajsa Wadhia and Katja Seitajoki.

Katja is educated at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Södertörn University. She is working as a performer, director/choreographer and producer. A recent work is IN-BETWEEN IMAGES Tracing a Self- Portrait. Parallel to her artistic work, Katja is working as a producer for dance at the House of Dance in Stockholm and at Dancenet Sweden.

Kajsa Wadhia is educated in contemporary dance at London Contemporary Dance School and the Laban Centre in London, and currently studies the Master Programme New Performative Practices at DOCH in Stockholm. She is working as an artist and performer in her own and others productions. She is currently touring the performance-duet The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra.

Premiere May 14th 2014 at Inkonst, Malmö.

The project is run by Kajsa Wadhia and Katja Seitajoki

Sound design Martin Vognsen

Lighting design Johan Bjellsäter

Film Ylva Henrikson

Producer Emelie Bergbohm

With support from the Swedish Arts Council, Dansens Hus Stockholm and University of Dance and Circus


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