Grow In The Dark

Grow In The Dark is a self-playing piece of theatre, where the musical score is conducted by a mouse and the audience becomes the performers of their own play. As the text and music is randomly composed, each performance becomes a unique and individual experience, never to be repeated.

The creative team wishes to explore the theatrical context, using the classical rules of expectation and dramatic convention. By introducing stochasticity as a key element, a playful and gamelike structure is built, eventually ending in a play.

A perfomance piece on autonomy, manipulation, individuality and collectiveness, asking the central question: Who controls what I am expected to to experience?

Peder Bjurman is known for his stagings of highly visual theatre pieces and has an ongoing collaboration with the Canadian director Robert Lepage. The theatre piece "Doktor Glas" with Krister Henriksson has toured extensively, including performances at Wyndhams Theatre in the West End. Leif Jordansson is a well-known theatre and film music composer in Sweden, Norway and the UK. He is also the leader of The Great Learning Orchestra counting over 100 members, playing improvised music and contemporary composers.

Concept Peder Bjurman and Leif Jordansson

Text Peder Bjurman

Music Leif Jordansson

Sound design and interactive system Johan Adling

Light design Tobias Hallgren

Supported by Statens Kulturråd, Stockholms Kulturförvaltning and Kulturbryggan


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