ScaleGen – the ultimate scale generator and editor

You think you know what a scale is – think again. In ScaleGen you can do all that you would traditionally imagine when it comes to scales and pitch organisation, and then much, much more.

This is the perfect tool for experimental composers in any genre as well as for musicians who want to explore new ways of thinking about music. The educational aspects of how pitches can be organised makes ScaleGen a must have for serious music students. But the directness of the app makes the learning both fun and artistically developing.

Define or change scales in the most detailed and intricate way. Audition the scales you make from within the app or export it as a MIDI file or use our iOS app Gestrument to try them out.

This is the tool for anyone who wants to go beyond the traditional tonalities in whichever genre you choose. ScaleGen comes with predefined scales of all kinds – from the traditional Western scales and early music scales to Asian scales from India, Indonesia and elsewhere. We have also included more conceptual scales based in the classical contemporary music.

ScaleGen is an extremely powerful tool both for creation and for research. In ScaleGen you can generate scales in several ways as well as import MIDI files to use as the base for a scale. You can then fine tune every individual pitch in your scale and use a number of tools to shape the contour of your scale to use it later as a scale, pitch material or as an actual melody in your music. These tools include traditional compositional techniques like inversion and retrograde (reverse) as well as stretching and different types of randomization tools.

Audition the scales you make from within the app with our built in sounds or by controlling your favourite synth through MIDI. You can also export your scale as a MIDI or text file or use our iOS app Gestrument to try out the scale you’ve made.

Many composers have developed their own tools to deal with scales and pitch organisation, but this might be the first attempt to make a fully functional scale generator and editor for professionals as a commercial software.

ScaleGen is developed by established contemporary composer Jesper Nordin who has recently had huge success with the iOS app Gestrument, based on his personal composition technique. It is designed and coded by composer and software designer Jonatan Liljedahl who has developed many high profile iOS apps like Sector, ScoreCleaner, AudioShare, NordBeat, Yellofier and many more.

Inventor – Jesper Nordin is a contemporary classical composer working with orchestras, ensembles and soloists around the world.
Software designer – Jonatan Liljedahl ( is a composer and software designer behind apps like AudioShare, Sector, BitWiz and the AUFX series.
Marketing manager & Producer – Emelie Bergbohm is a freelance producer, agent and marketing manager within the performing arts.
Preset & web developer – Jonas Kjellberg ( is a composer and software designer who recently finished his Master in Composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

ScaleGen was developed with support from Kulturbryggan.


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