In ICHOS the synthesis of percussion and dance reveals a harmonious world that opens new aural pathways for the audience. Two virtuoso performers create a pageant of sound and a meditative sequence of movement that gives the spectators an opportunity for introspection.

Sound is powerful. A soprano’s top C can break glass. A low electronic sound at 18 Hz, known as “the insect-killer”, causes spiders to lose consciousness. There is a frequency which, when focused at the heart, can kill humans. The song of a dolphin (around 2000 Hz) stimulates endorphin production in the human body and so can heal pain.

We encounter vibrations in light, colour, notes, movements and in other people. Perhaps, we are becoming more intelligent beings the more we are exposed to frequent signals. Sometimes we are transfixed by a sound that we recognise from the past. Are there some sounds that are threatened with extinction?

A Sufi mystic who has attained a trance state through dance and music is almost invincible. There seem to be no waves of resistance left, only illuminated consciousness.

In the work ICHOS, choreographer Virpi Pahkinen and musician Mika Takehara seek to investigate the role of our subconscious in interpretation and how our understanding of movement is affected by the soundscape. How does our vision become sharper when we experience pure silence? Why is the dance driven by asymmetrical 5-beat rhythms and why do we immediately feel at home in a steady 4/4 beat?

Choreography and dance Virpi Pahkinen

Music and percussions Mika Takehara
Lighting design Tobias Hallgren – Lumination of Sweden
Technician Tobias Angelback – Lumination of Sweden
Costume Emelie Janrell
Producer Emelie Bergbohm
Administration Birgitta Ström


A production by Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company. With support from the Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the County Council in Stockholm.


ICHOS premiered on November 4th 2015 at Dansmuséet in Stockholm.


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