Blekingegatan 16 – Matklubb

Seven evenings, twelve chairs, a meeting between chefs and artists

Blekingegatan 16 – Matklubb is an installation, a social experiment and a dinner combined. A series of evenings are organised in a studio where the main focus is on food, drinks and art. The studio that on any other occasion won't be open for the public, invites to seven occasions based on conversations and philosophical questions about the collision between food and art. Dinner will be served, but the experience will be far from three courses, repetitive restaurant concepts and weary food trends.

The project is a reflection of society’s relationship to the restaurant versus the staged show. Where do you draw the line between art and cooking? Which is the most observed? And how can we use these social activities to create new encounters and venues?

The guests will vary, but the starting point is always the same. A creator partners with a chef. A chef who is willing to step outside the usual context of cooking and an artist who dares to approach food as a tool for storytelling and creating. Together they design something witch departs from normative processes and experiences of cooking and serving dinner, while you attend as a guest together with a group of people you’ve never met before.


28 April – Jan Åman + Sayan Isaksson
27 May – Ida Klamborn + Carl Berglöf + Thora L Norgård
17 June – Bea Szenfeld + Maximillian Lundin
23 September – Virpi Pahkinen + Carl Berglöf
28 October – Horace Engdahl + Stefano Catenacci
25 November – Reich & Szyber + Carl Berglöf
13 January 2017 – Poste Restante + Linn Söderström

Blekingegatan 16 – Matklubb is a collaboration between PJADAD and BOHM BOHM ROOM.

PJADAD is an experimental design studio run by Petter Kukacka.

BOHM BOHM ROOM is an interdisciplinary production studio within art and culture that is run by Emelie Bergbohm.


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