How & Why

This is Lisa and this is Kim. Letters, shapes on a piece of paper, organized symbols, syllables, syyllabblleess. And also people with bedside tables and gmail accounts and bad days and relatives in their powerpoint presentations. How & Why explains the abstract in the concrete.


How & Why is the third stage work by Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy. Their first collaboration, YOU, premiered in 2012, followed by Black Warrior in 2014. All three pieces use a form somewhere between lecture, comedy and modern dance.


How & Why is Östberg and Hiorthøy’s attempt to explain and understand abstraction, using concrete means such as water filters and Ireland.


Lisa Östberg makes projects for both stage and screen. She was educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and has worked with contemporary dance, musicals and theatre as well as with film and television, both as performer and creator. Östberg wrote the screenplay for the award-winning film Certain people and is currently showing her short film Meaningless Conversations in Beautiful Environments around the world. This fall Lisa is attending a Masters program for New Performative Practices at the University of the Arts in Stockholm.


Kim Hiorthøy is a graphic designer, artist and musician from Norway. He was educated at The Art Academy in Trondheim, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, and School of Visual Arts in New York. During 2010–2011 he took a Master’s degree in choreography at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (DOCH). Hiorthøy has written music for dance as well as released records of his own music. His first feature film “The Rules of Everything” premiered in 2017.

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Koreografi och medverkande på scen: Lisa Östberg och Kim Hiorthøy

Grafisk design: Jonas Williamsson

Ljusdesign: Susanna Hedin

Produktions- och kommunikationsstrateg: Annie Kay Schachtel – BOHM BOHM ROOM


Med stöd av: Norsk Kulturråd, Stockholm Stad

Med vidare stöd av: Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk, MDT Stockholm


Tack till Acne Studios för sponsring av kläder


Text, images and choreography: Lisa Östberg and Kim Hiorthøy

Graphic design: Jonas Williamson

Light design: Susanna Hedin

Production and communication strategist: Annie Kay Schachtel – BOHM BOHM ROOM


Funded by: Arts Council Norway, City of Stockholm

Supported by: Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk, MDT Stockholm


Thanks to Acne Studios for clothing sponsorship



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