Swamp Cosmos is an interactive performance that takes place in a wetland - a soundscape that bubbles with sour water, smells and various colours. By camouflaging in the swamp, the participant can explore the flora and fauna as well as all the mysterious sounds and movements of the swamp. We ask ourselves: by camouflaging oneself as an animal, insect or plant, can we approach nature and challenge the perspectives that make humans dominate nature? In an era of climate challenges, we combine artistic, scientific and philosophical perspectives in a choreographed audio installation.

The performance is taking place in a swamp where the audience members experience the piece through headphones.

Playing in August and September 2018.

Concept and direction: Katja Seitajoki
Composer: Tomas Björkdal
Costume: Maline Casta
Text: Katja Seitajoki och Eva Wichman
Performers: Katja Seitajoki, Tomas Björkdal och Per Sacklén
Voices: Monica Stenbeck, Elsa Meyer, Christian Hillborg, Katja Seitajoki, Per Sacklén
Photo: Tomas Björkdal
Production: Arena Baubo
Producer: Annie Schachtel – Bohm Bohm Room


In collaboration with Art Lab Gnesta, UngaTur and Folkets Hus Bagarmossen. With support from Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council.


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