Gestrument App

(English) Swipe your finger to play – it has never been easier to make music!

Gestrument is an intuitive app for the beginner and a powerful tool for the professional. With Gestrument, you can play and compose music in any genre, with just the swipe of your fingers. Improvise or compose within the scales and rhythms you choose. Use parameters like pulse density, scale morphing, rhythm randomness or pitch fluctuation to find new paths for your musical expression and creativity. Use the tutorials or define your own settings to fit the musical style you want to play and compose in. Play on up to eight instruments at once – all with different individual settings.

Gestrument works equally well for rhythmic music or sweeping soundscapes, for solo melodies or chord blocks, for long lines or short staccatos. It can help you make music in whichever genre you can imagine. Gestrument works directly with its built in sounds and is therefore perfect for the amateur or beginner who wants to make music in an intuitive way. But it is first and foremost built for professional musicians and composers who can work with the settings to build advanced theoretical frameworks that they can later improvise within.

Gestrument was awarded the City of Stockholm Innovation Prize 2012.

Gestrument was originally developed in 2007 by composer Jesper Nordin.

The new app for the iPad and iPhone is developed by composer and software designer Jonatan Liljedahl.

Administrator and producer for Gestrument is Emelie Bergbohm.

Gestrument was developed with support from Kulturbryggan –


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