Sounds of our cities

Sounds of our cities is funded by Creative Europe. The project takes place in duration of twenty months between October 2019 and May 2021.It consists of partnership of four partners: the applicant partner – the City of Roeselare, Belgium (Partner 1); Idensitat, Spain (Partner 2); Dear Hunter, Netherlands (Partner 3); and Aalborg University / Sound and Music Computing research group (SMC), Denmark (Partner 4).There are three further organisations who are included as a third party in the implementation of the project (‘associate partners’), collaborating with the local country’s partner organisation: Impact VZW, Roeselare, Belgium and Struer Tracks / Struer Municipality, Denmark respectively; and Bohm Bohm Rooms, Sweden. The project will produce two main public outcomes in the form of two sound art exhibitions, in Roeselare, Belgium (Exhibition 1) and Barcelona, Spain (Exhibition 2). The exhibitions will consist of installations of individual sound artworks delivered by an international group of sound artists/ artists working with sound. The exhibitions will be experienced through a digital interface/application which will be developed and implemented by the participating artists and facilitated by the AAU/SMC research group, and supported by Struer Tracks / Struer Municipality in delivering a technological skills workshop in Denmark.

Bohm Bohm Room are responsible for the application and development of the concept and for the overall communication of the project and organisation of the final conference in Stockholm.

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